I'm currently sitting in the hostel in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and found some time to evaluate some statistics we made from our stay in Toronto (Ontario). As we are backpackers and still don't own a car, walking is of course the cheapest way to get around. So, as the headline suggests, we were walking as much as possible and, we kept track about that.

Now, here are some numbers which we are A: really suprised about and B: somewhat proud of.

Our stay in Toronto was from 5th of July 2017 to 18th the same month.
In this 14 days we walked 81.6 km.
Our longest was 12.8 km.
Our shortest 1 km.
Avarage distance is 5.8 km a day.
All this walking saved us approximately $70 which is the amount you have to pay for 40 kg of rice

Can't wait to see what we'll achive while our stay in Halifax.