If you are used to the way your typical go-to Linux distro does things, you automaticaly stumble upon things while using the new distro of choice. I was used to fire up Yast, click und Install & Remove software, type in my-cool-searchterm in the search-textbox and scroll until I find the software I wanted to use.

Now I tried the same in Fedora. I wanted to have my so handy "Open Terminal from here" Nautilus plugin again. I fired up Gnome Software and searched for nautilus. Nothing, expect for obvious reasons, Nautilus appeared and a Shell Extension. I searched for nautilus plugin. Nope.

Do I really have to fire up a terminal, use dnf to search the package I need and then install it that way? This couldn't be the answer.

Fedora does things different from what I'm used to, but most of the time I realized that their way is clever when you get rid of your old habbits. So I googled for it and found this article on Fedora Magazine. Again, I realized the cleverness behind this way. Provide plugins at the same place as the application. That's cool!