So, here it is. After tinkering around with it for two or three hours, it finally came to life how I wanted it to be.

So far so good, but why do I start blogging after so many years of not doing it. Well, I actually don't know why, exacly. It currently just feels right and maybe this will lead to something.

The main intention, I guess, is because my partner and I moved out to travel the world and she is also blogging about all this. We currently try to find our place as digital nomads on this big planet... And as one can imagine, this comes with many impressions, things to learn and places to visit. So this could possibly be a space where I am going to drop my thoughts, ideas, reflections, or just anything else I come across and think it should be on here.

By the way, this blog is based on Grav. I use Grav for all my small projects and even, some commercial ones. You should visit the website and also give it a go.