Impressive. Really impressive what you can learn about yourself when you try to figure out how other people think.

More important to me was ...

What I learned about how people actually learn.

And it surprised me very much, that I'm a completely different learner compared to my partner.

She is thinking in pictures. This means, everything she wants to remember, her brain combines with some kind of picture. Sometimes, if it is more complex, even with a whole story. Sort of. Even she is not able to explain how this exactly works, it just happens. So, while she explained to me how she can actually learn things, I felt some kind of uncomfortable with the idea behind it. And so I tried to figure out how my brain works and how I learn and where this feeling has come from. My opinion is, that this feeling came from the fact, that I'm (a.k.a. my brain) completely different when it comes to how I think and learn. If I have to learn something new, I learn it by trail and error. And if it gets more complex, and as a result I can’t find a straight forward solution to a problem, I explain it to someone or something (rubber ducking). In most cases I am able to find the solution to my problem while explaining it. So I learned. This information gets stored in a context in between a structure inside my memory. So, I would explain my way of thinking and getting information stored in my brain as if someone searches information in a library. The information is categorized, labeled and you have to go to the correct book shelf to get it. From there you have to read the book to the page the information is noted and everything else gets clear all of a sudden.

Conclusion: I realized that if you get to know how people think and learn, you can see a very loose connection to what kind of character they are. Are they more a creative kind a person, like my partner, or are the more straight forward (a.k.a. effective) loving. And this is just my partner and me. I am curious what kind of people I am going to meet in the future. And maybe I get the chance to understand their way of thinking and learning, too.

Here is a bunch of additional information if you want to dive into the topic a little more.